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We are taking this situation very seriously and are doing everything we can to protect our clients as well as ourselves in this situation. 

Here are some of the things we are doing during our workday. . .

1. We keep multiple bottles of hand sanitizer in our car, purse, and on our person at all times and are using it frequently and after leaving a place or situation. 

2. We wear masks & gloves while cleaning and treat everything as though high-risk.

3. We avoid touching our faces while out.

4. We wash our hands thoroughly and frequently.

5. We maintain awareness in all we do while serving you!

*  We only go to three homes a day on average, so our risk is kept minimal.

Here is what has changed in our routine during this time:

1. We are no longer stripping soiled sheets off beds, or folding sofa blankets.

2. We will be avoiding touching or picking up as many items as possible. Things left out will be worked around.

* You likely don't want someone else touching your personal items either right now! You can help us and you by being sure to put away as many stray things as possible on surfaces, especially in the bathrooms, kitchen and dining tables. Of course, this doesn't apply to items permanently located in an area, such as the canisters on the kitchen counter or toothbrush holder in bathroom. But it would be wise to put away those food packages on the kitchen counter or makeup and hairbrushes on the bathroom counters.

* Of course, we are asking that if anyone believes they are showing symptoms to let us know to avoid possible exposure.

Here are Some Things You can do During this Time:

1.  Clean high touch areas in your home frequently.  
These include light switch plates, doorknobs, door facings, countertops, knobs/drawer pulls, faucets, toilet handles, phones, remotes and all touch screens.

2.  Wash and change your sheets at least weekly.

3.  Change your towels out frequently, especially hand towels used by everyone should be changed daily.

4.  Washing hands frequently and thoroughly. 
This is anytime you return home, before and after using the restroom, dealing with food and attending to personal needs such as makeup, etc.

5.  Removing your Shoes upon Entry into the Home.  
This is good practice anyway, but especially at a time like this to not bring outside germs in and spread them all over the home.

6.  Having Hand Sanitizer in Multiple Places. 
 I have a small bottle in my purse, one to keep in my pocket at all times, one in the glove box of the car, one next to the door to use upon entering the home and one in my child's bedroom. If you are one who wasn't able to get some before the craze wiped out the stock, you can also make some yourself by combining Aloe Vera gel and alcohol.

7. Staying on top of your Health in all Areas.  
Getting plenty of rest, eating nutritious food, staying hydrated and getting exercise will keep your natural immunity at peak performance.  Be sure to get in a healthy dose of trace minerals and Vitamin C.

8. Try to Keep Stress Low!  
While it's wise to take precautions, that doesn't mean we have to let fear take hold of us or become obsessed! When we are stressed, our body produces cortisol, which lowers our immunity, making us more susceptible to illness. So, prepare, but stay calm :-)

Thank you and Stay Safe & Well!

Our Protocol Regarding CoVid-19
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