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  Essence of Clean was established by a local 
  eco-conscious student who enjoyed cleaning 
  homes while earning her degree in Interior 
  Design in Tulsa, OK.  Due to her aspirations, she 
  developed an eye for detail and strove for quality 
  which allowed her to excel in serving others' 
  homes.  She has seen her business grow 
  successfully, and will continue operating it now in 
  the Boulder/Longmont area while pursuing her 
  Graduate Degree in Environmental Leadership 
  with Naropa University in Boulder, CO this Fall.  
  She intends to combine her two passions in 
  pursuing a career in Sustainable Design.  She 
  pairs with her husband, a Graduate student with 
  Southwest Acupuncture College, to team clean 

  The goal at Essence of Clean is to provide a high 
  quality of service to our clients and their homes. 
  Meeting the needs of our customers is of utmost 
  concern to us at Essence of Clean.

  We offer complete turndown service in every 
  bedroom, and treat you to aromatherapy luxuries 
  by misting freshly changed linens and each room 
  with an all natural organic lavender linen spray. 
  Your home is your retreat; you deserve to enjoy it 
  peacefully! We take extraordinary efforts to  
  ensure that you come home to a space that is 
  clean, rejuvenating and stimulating to the senses. 

Our Cleaning Philosophy

  We are concerned about our environment and the impact of harmful cleaning chemicals used   in your home. Green cleaning is using environmentally safe cleaning products, equipment,    
  and methods that do not endanger our environment, clients or us. 

  Traditional cleaning chemicals are often made with chlorine, ammonia or other toxic  
  chemicals. Using green cleaning products that are non toxic, organic and/or natural will  
  greatly reduce your exposure to harmful products in your home and protect your family and 
  us from the adverse health effects. 

  The eco-friendly & non-toxic cleaning products we use will create a home that is cleaner,  
  safer, and healthier for you, your family, and your pets.  Let us clean your home with our 
  proven green cleaning methods.

Trustworthy & Ethical Local Business 

  We will treat you with courtesy and your home with the utmost of respect. 
  We speak English, are experienced, back-ground checked, licensed and insured, ensuring     
  the safety and security of your home. 
  We are responsible, diligent, trustworthy and uphold the high standards and integrity of           Essence of Clean.  

“Exclusive Services for those preferring  Natural & Safe Home Cleaning Alternatives”
  (303) 960-2070